Terms & Conditions

We understand that airlines change their flight schedules in 2021 and beyond. If you have booked
and paid for a covid test and your flight changes, do contact us. We will gladly accommodate a change
of date/time.

The customer takes full responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided. Utmost care should be taken, as we need to report to the Department of Health on your behalf, and incorrect details
could lead to an airline declining boarding.

Atter Pathology Services will do our absolute utmost to get our results to you by the next day;
however, by making an online booking you hereby acknowledges that the test results may take up
to 3 working days after the date of testing.

In the event of a delay of more than five days, a customer can then request a refund (up to ten days
after the initial test date). Any requests more than ten days after the event will be considered null and

Once a booking is taken and payment is made, no refund will be given. We will instead offer a
voucher, which must be used within 12 months. This is transferable, if put in writing. A change of booking date/time will be accepted. Contact Mike on mike@atter.co.za

Medical aids – APS does not engage with medical aids. Customers will need to pay upfront for the
test. If you belong to a medical aid and want to claim for your Covid test, it is the customers
responsibility to understand exactly if and how you will be covered for Covid-19 testing. 


Atter Pathology Services shall not be liable to a patient for any loss or harm whatsoever in the process
of testing.